Go Eco in the Home; edition 5

We’re continually looking at how we can be nature-friendly in everything we do and hope that other wild people out there do too. To make your life easier and to make nature happier we’re happy to share our nature-friendly and ethically sourced alternatives that we like to use in our homes. If you’ve got any suggestions we’d love to hear them too.

This week we’ll be having a pamper as we think about…

… cleaning ourselves

If you think pampering and bathroom products were made just for the girls’, think again. We all need to take care of our skin, hair and all bodily parts whilst thinking about the environment. It’s also not just about reducing plastic in the bathroom. The products we use can be made synthetically or naturally. 100% natural products are no doubt going to be more sustainable for the wider world so what’s out there other than the high street brands?

For your average daily use items it’s easy to pick up the most easily accessible from the supermarket shelves but dig a little deeper and are they 100% natural? The soap and body wash bars from the family based company, Kin Kind are not only plastic free and use organic and sustainable ingredients but are also award winning in the beauty industry. A triple bonus product I think. Not only do they provide an array of choice in scents these guys produce a variety of shampoo and conditioner bars too and 2in1’s for those that want to be lazy in the mornings. They know what families are like after all! Shampoo bars are the plastic free alternative and are breaking through to many a bathroom so you’ll be pleased to know there are many out there to try out. Another online shop to try would be the proper soap company. Also providing organic, sustainable ingredients in their products, they have plenty to choose from. 

For those of us that want to keep smelling fresh and clean all day without using compressed can deodorants there are some 100% natural deodorants out there that do actually do the job. I’ve known many people that have been through a few to get the one that suits them so each to their own on this one. Without breaking the bank I’ve found Wild are up there and getting themselves heard. Reusable cases (less plastic), refills as and when you need them (clever subscription sign up) and fresh scents (for both men and women) they seem to be doing all the right things when it comes to ease of use and buying. 

Cut out plastic when brushing your teeth too, I think bam and boo have nailed the bamboo toothbrush market. 100% biodegradable. They may be shipped from Europe but they will off-set any carbon footprint to make sure they are completely carbon neutral.  

Another subscription product that has recently caught my eye is ffs razors. I’m terrible with my shaving habits and am acutely aware of the horrors of one use plastic razors. If only someone had thought of recycling sharp metal objects, selling comfortable razor heads as and when needed and providing a reusable handle for these heads? Well looks like ffs razors have! They even add in as an option their natural, 100% organic deodorant for each subscription. Handy indeed. 

Like I said previously, beauty isn’t just for girls, men shave too! Although for most men they do have the choice of a dry shave which is probably the most convenient and sustainable way of doing things. One very good electric razor can last a lifetime. Some might say there’s nothing better than a nice clean cut wet shave. Whilst not providing a recycling scheme Harry’s razors seem to be a company well worth using as they support men’s health and wellbeing by donating profits to CALM. 

What about some real pampering? For a lovely long soak in the bath try these bath bombs from Soul and Soap. Using natural ingredients, recyclable packaging and supporting sustainable processes whilst still smelling and feeling luxurious as other brands. A friend of mine uses these every week and working as a primary school teacher, her long soaks in the bath really help with winding down. 

To the less glamorous area of the bathroom, the toilet. There are a couple of no packaging toilet paper products out there but my favourite has got to be who gives a crap. Not only do they provide no plastic packaging, their whole ethos is to develop toilet facilities in the countries that don’t have them. Giving back to a worthy cause!

For all other bathroom bits… you know where’s best by now… peace with the wild.

Next week we’ll treat ourselves even more…

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