Go Eco in the Home; edition 4

We’re continually looking at how we can be nature-friendly in everything we do and hope that other wild people out there do too. To make your life easier and to make nature happier we’re happy to share our nature-friendly and ethically sourced alternatives that we like to use in our homes. If you’ve got any suggestions we’d love to hear them too.

Cleaning the home…

It’s clear from our previous posts and conversations around product use that plastic in the home isn’t just about packaging of products, it’s the one use items that get forgotten about when not needed. As we’ve already touched on with bamboo products and glass containers there are products out there that will help reuse items time and time again. 

When it comes to cleaning up after ourselves there are so many more items we take for granted that we don’t realise we could replace them with reusables. Paper towels, dish cloths, scouring pads; all of which were created with the majority of plastic substances. I’m a big fan of not having the draining board full of those old blue dish cloths. Yes they’re reusable but I wonder if anyone else has experience that after one use they start to fall apart. There’s a few cotton alternatives out there but I’ve been using Sarah Smith reusable washable cloths for years now and I love them. There is however only one supermarket that buys them in and recently they’ve been out of stock so in future I’ll have to go straight to the source. I quite like the funky patterns in a range of colours too (not that I’m picky about them matching the decor!). 

A new find for me that I’ve come to like is the Unpaper reusable all-purpose towels. These towels cling together so you can roll them up like paper towels. Clever right? I found them through my current favourite website peace with the wild but my favourite manufacturer has got to be Marley’s Monsters. There must be something about the eye catching patterns for me! If you want to stay away from products made across the pond though there are alternatives. 

With the heightened awareness of micro-plastics we’ve also been made aware of what we wash that ends up down the drain. Ecover started the revelation originally but there are now many products out there that make purchasing simpler, or say they do. With everything under one roof, similar to Ecover, Splosh have all the cleaning products you’ll ever need, use recyclable bottles but on subscription. No need to go traipsing through the aisles for these. Smol have the same idea for the less wider range of products, they just stick to laundry and dishwashers. Ocean saver go one better and will provide you with the vital ingredient you need, the undiluted cleanser, so that you can reuse any bottle you have and make up the rest of what you need by turning on your own tap for water.

After all that house work, next week how about pampering yourself…

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