Go Eco in the Home; edition 3

We’re continually looking at how we can be nature-friendly in everything we do and hope that other wild people out there do too. To make your life easier and to make nature happier we’re happy to share our nature-friendly and ethically sourced alternatives that we like to use in our homes. If you’ve got any suggestions we’d love to hear them too.

This week we’re going into the cupboards…

… finding food and drink

I like to know where my food comes from. Buying local helps and the local butchers and bakers certainly will tell you where all their products come from, but going from shop to shop can be time consuming. Even storing these food items too can prove to be a dilemma. I know I certainly wanted to stop using so much plastic in the kitchen! 

In my bid to reduce the amount of waste and ethically source what I make in my kitchen I’ve found a few places like the local farm that I’m happy to support on a weekly shop for fruit and veg instead of the supermarket. Although when it comes to stocking up on the essentials I’ve found buying in bulk helps reduce the amount of times you need to go to the shops. Avoid the supermarkets all together by buying in bulk through traders like Doves farm and the Good Club.

I love my coffee and I’m always finding new shops online that are charity based, using fair trade, organic beans and selling enough quantity wise so that I’m not having to order every week (my household gets through a lot of coffee!). Favourites so far have been Pact and Frontline.

Don’t like coffee? Tea mainly your bag? There are some great tea makers out there doing their bit for ethical business and 100% natural ingredients. Brew tea co being one of them. T2 Tea being another, based in Australia but with UK counterparts. 

I always decant bulk foods into glass or reusable jars and put the lined paper packaging in the recycling so I feel like I’m cutting down my packaging waste however there are suitable alternative options available from one of the best online shops I’ve come to love, peace with the world

We’ll clean up after ourselves next week …

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