Go Eco in the Home; edition 1

We’re continually looking at how we can be nature-friendly in everything we do and hope that other wild people out there do too. To make your life easier and to make nature happier we’re happy to share our nature-friendly and ethically sourced alternatives that we like to use in our homes. If you’ve got any suggestions we’d love to hear them too.

In the Garden

You may have seen we’ve branched out our online shop from things we make ourselves to other products to help nature in our own gardens at home. Building on from these we’ve found some of the best places to buy the best seeds and feed for the wildlife in your garden.

WildThings supply food supplements for some of the bigger animals that might come along such as hedgehogs, fox and badgers. All their bags of dried food contain natural ingredients that will support these creature’s diets and will deter any household pets away so they don’t have to share.

WildThings food online shop

 On the other scale, Honeyfields cater for the smaller, flying creatures that love to make our gardens their home. These Lincolnshire based seed bags are insect friendly and are currently available to buy online to support the horticultural charity Perennial.

Honeyfields online pop-up shop

Feeding animals in your garden can be very simple and you can get creative in many different ways. Simple bird feeders can be found in many different forms, using cereal seeds or even leftover cooked rice. We’ve got our very own simple recipe using a bag of your average bird seed and a few things from your kitchen cupboard.

Remember it’s not just all about the animals, insects matter too. Planting insect friendly wild flowers are the best way to support the tiny creatures in your garden. Luckily we still have a handful of Seedballs in stock!

Next week we’ll be delving into the kitchen…

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